The S12 Solutions platform improves flow through the system and reduces stress on this part of the crisis care pathway.

S12 Solutions was created by Amy Manning, who qualified as an AMHP in 2011. Frustrated by assessment set-up inefficiencies and convinced technology could help, Amy researched the problem with AMHPs, s.12 doctors and commissioners, before joining forces with a development team to create S12 Solutions. Amy continues to work as a Best Interest Assessor and part-time AMHP, in addition to her role as S12 Solutions’ Managing Director.

The platform has the capacity to facilitate multi-agency working, increase productivity and improve security in the following ways.

  • Managers are able to define rota rules and claim form arrangements, enabling AMHPs to make the most of contracted resources, and issue claim forms when appropriate
  • AMHPs often organise two doctors in all situations to prevent delays further down the line; the platform’s ability to make doctor contact easier enables AMHPs to confidently arrange one doctor in clinically appropriate situations, which translates to a cashable saving for Clinical Commissiong Groups
  • Centralising AMHP service and doctor data makes it easier to manage and update
  • S12 Solutions checks doctor s.12 approval weekly, reducing the likelihood of unlawful detention
  • Replacing multiple claim forms and paper submission with a standardised, digital process means that doctors are no longer sending backdated claim forms in bulk via the post; claims are now sent securely and easier to track, information is accurate, and processing is quicker and simpler for administrators
  • The platform collects data and provides reporting about the MHA assessment process, helping service managers identify areas for improvement or take corrective action, replacing best-guess ideas with evidence-based decisions

The S12 Solutions account management team works with sites to make sure everyone gets the very best from the platform.



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