The platform was created by Amy Manning, who qualified as an AMHP in 2011. Frustrated by assessment set-up inefficiencies and convinced technology could help, Amy researched the problem with AMHPs, s.12 doctors and commissioners, before joining forces with a development team to create S12 Solutions. Amy continues to work as a Best Interest Assessor and part-time AMHP, in addition to her role as S12 Solutions’ Managing Director.

The S12 Solutions platform is designed to facilitate quick and simple communication between AMHPs and s.12 doctors, and timely assessments for service users.

The platform allows doctors to set a weekly availability calendar and build a profile containing their location, specialities and languages spoken, and monitor their activity via a dashboard.

Claim forms can be completed, signed and submitted within the platform, making the process quicker, easier and more secure.

Doctors can also use the platform to record the assessments they’ve attended, to provide supporting evidence for Continued Professional Development.


S12 allows you to:

Build a profile and publish availability

Complete, sign and submit claim forms

Record assessments attended


Control over the information shared with AMHPs

More contact when available, and fewer interruptions while unavailable

Quicker, easier and more secure claim form submission

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