S12 was conceived by an experienced AMHP who understands the current assessment set-up method’s challenges and the impact on doctors. It has been developed in consultation with doctors, commissioners and executives, to ensure Mental Health Act assessments are easier to organise and attend.

With S12, you can quickly and easily specify your availability for assessments, as well as your location, specialisms, contact information and preferred contact method, helping to make sure that you are more likely to be contacted about appropriate and convenient work.

The secure claim form feature allows you to create and submit your forms, which AMHPs authorise and send electronically to CCGs for processing, all within S12. These forms also include a section for you to make private, reflective notes to assist you with your Continued Professional Development.

S12’s efficiency should also enhance multi-agency working, which means that service users spend less time waiting for assessments, including at Places of Safety.

S12 allows you to:

Specify your availability for assessments

Control your contact information

Submit your claim forms


Helps to make sure that you’re contacted about appropriate, convenient work

Efficient claim form process allows you more time to focus on other priorities

Easier to manage CPD notes

S12 APP doctors Features Phone Screenshot

What to do next?

Only verified users are able to log in to S12. Contact your local participating AMHP service or Mental Health Trust to register your interest, or contact the S12 team to find out more.

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