S12’s app and website provide a quicker and easier way of assembling Mental Health Act assessing teams by connecting AMHPs with s.12 approved doctors.

The concept was conceived and developed by an experienced AMHP, in consultation with her peers and doctors, who understands the current assessment set up method’s challenges, and the impact on service users, practitioners and agencies.

S12 has been designed to streamline the set-up process, helping to save AMHPs’ and doctors’ time, increase their productivity and maximise resources, in a compliant, legal and secure way:

  • Doctors can update and submit their availability, personal details, specialisms, and claim forms
  • AMHPs can search S12’s directory of s.12 doctors, based on doctors’ location, availability and specialisms, and contact them using their preferred contact method. Daytime and EDT teams have more time to assemble the best available assessing team within their shift, prepare for assessment, consider the least restrictive option, or arrange an appropriate admission if necessary
  • Mental Health Trusts are more able to see and take action to mitigate shortfalls in available s.12 approved doctors

What to do next?

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