About S12

S12 was created by Amy Manning, an experienced AMHP who was all too familiar with the limitations of the current system for arranging Mental Health Act assessments.

How the idea emerged

Amy began her career as a Social Worker for Mental Health Services in 2009, working in the South West in both rural and urban community Mental Health Teams.

She trained as an AMHP in 2011, and then went on to work in an Early Intervention for Psychosis Team.

In 2014 Amy completed an MA in Advanced Mental Health Practice with a dissertation on Service Improvement. From 2015, Amy was working solely for the AMHP service as her substantive post.

The Challenge

Amy became acutely aware of the challenges of finding available s.12 doctors to attend assessments within her practice, and the impact on arranging assessments at Places of Safety. Time lost making calls using out of date information meant that Amy had less time to gather information on the service user, such as identifying the Nearest Relative, confidentiality issues, if any intervention had helped in the past, considering the least restrictive option and reading crisis plans.

The Solution

Convinced that technology could provide a better way, Amy conducted extensive research with AMHPs, s.12 doctors, NHS and local authority commissioners, mental health trusts, administrators, approval boards and the Department of Health and Social Care.

She joined forces with a development team to create an app and website, which allows AMHPs to search for and contact available doctors.

The platform has evolved to include claim form creation and submission, and data capture and reporting about this area of mental health practice.

S12 Solutions also checks its doctor profiles against the national database of s.12 approved doctors every week.

S12’s benefits

The S12 Solutions platform was piloted in two sites.

Pilot outcomes include:

  • More doctors joining the network across both sites
  • Evidence that new doctors were being invited to assessment
  • Assessments happening sooner than expected
  • The ability to search for doctors by specialism helped AMHPs arrange assessments that were the best fit for the service user
  • More assessments happening during the day and fewer out of hours
  • A reduction in the number of assessments requiring two doctors, where clinically appropriate

Both pilot sites commissioned the platform, and a further 3 sites are set to go live in Spring 2019.

Get in touch here to find out more, and the best person to help you will be in touch.

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