About S12

S12 Solutions was created by Amy Manning, who qualified as an AMHP in 2011. Amy continues to work as a Best Interest Assessor and part-time AMHP, in addition to her role as S12 Solutions’ Managing Director.

How the idea emerged

Frustrated by assessment set-up inefficiencies and convinced technology could help, Amy researched the problem with AMHPs, s.12 doctors, NHS and local authority commissioners, mental health trusts, administrators, approval boards and the Department of Health and Social Care.

Research revealed the scale and complexity of the problem, and with no plans in the pipeline to address it, Amy joined forces with a development team to define the S12 Solutions concept.

The Challenge

AMHPs can spend hours, sometimes shifts, organising doctors to attend assessments because their lists of doctors details are not always accurate, updated or checked against the national database of s.12 approved doctors.

As such, assessments are often delayed, leaving service users distressed and at risk, and AMHPs and doctors working extended hours in stressful conditions; ED, ambulance, police and place of safety resources are absorbed during the delay and the likelihood or unlawful detention increases.

The time-consuming paper claim form process is often responsible for slow, missing or duplicate payments, which can deter doctors from undertaking s.12 work.

The Solution

S12 Solutions is a platform that connects AMHPs with available, local s.12 doctors. AMHPs can also search for doctors by other criteria such as specialities and languages spoken.

AMHPs can make arrangements by calling doctors or using a messenger-style function.

AMHPs and s.12 doctors can use the platform to create, complete and submit claim forms; the electronic signatures have the same legal standing as a wet-ink signature.

The platform also provides data capture and reporting about the MHA assessment process, helping professionals to make evidence-based improvements to their services.

S12’s benefits

In early 2018, the S12 Solutions platform was piloted in two sites. Pilot outcomes include:

  • More doctors joining the network across both sites – S12 Solutions continues to manage these lists and check approval against the national database weekly
  • Evidence that new doctors were being invited to assessment
  • Assessments happening sooner than expected
  • The ability to search for doctors by speciality helped AMHPs arrange assessments that were the best fit for the service user
  • More assessments happening during the day shift and fewer out of hours
  • Fewer occurrences of out of hours teams handing MHA assessments back to the day shift as assessments had been completed
  • A reduction in the number of assessments requiring two doctors, where clinically appropriate
  • Both sites commissioned the platform at the end of their pilots, and more areas are scheduled to introduce S12 Solutions from Spring 2019.

S12 Solutions is part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA), 2019; the NIA supports faster take-up of high impact, evidence-based innovations for patient and NHS benefit. The NIA is supporting the S12 Solutions team to accelerate adoption around the country.

Get in touch here to find out more, and the best person to help you will be in touch.

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